Bollywood Songs Add Flavour To The Celebration In Sangeet Functions.

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Weddings in India are known for their Tradition and Culture. People want their wedding to be grand and memorable. Generally, in a Pre-wedding function like Sangeet, the couple and their families perform to numerous Bollywood songs. There are many happy film songs which create a jubilant mood to the occasion. The stage decoration for wedding reception in Chennai offer wedding services that include the Sangeeth. People can get help from a wedding sangeet preparation guide as to how to decorate and organise the sangeet. The best all in one wedding planners help you prepare for your sangeeth as well.

Bollywood movies have good songs which portray the emotions and fun of the wedding celebrations. You can pick other sangeeth ideas at People enjoy dancing to these happy tunes to make the day fun-filled. Choosing the right song for the celebration is the key for enjoyment. The songs can bring out all the emotion attached with wedding ceremonies.
To enthrall the performers and guest, here is a list of good Bollywood wedding songs.

Mehendi Lagake Rakhna, Doli Sajake Rakhna (Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayengey)
This is an appropriate song which can also be performed by couples. Evergreen Bollywood pair Shahrukh and Kajol have enacted in this song. It brings out the feeling of enjoyment. It is filled with harmless teasing and outright flirting. It increases the mood of fun and merrymaking.

Gal Meethi Meethi Bol (Aisha)
This is a perfect song for the groom to perform in the wedding party. He can also dance to the tune of Gal Meethi Meethi Bol with his friends and relatives. In this song, the groom tries to woo his lovely bride.

Bachna Ae Haseeno (Bachna Ae Haseeno)
Ranbir Kapoor and Bibisha Basu has performed well in this song. It gives a subtle look into the character of the groom. It brings out the stylish nature of the groom. This song is perfect for unmarried guests and relatives. It brings out the ched chad fun in the wedding celebrations.

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Sasuraal Genda Phool (Delhi 6)
It is one of the traditional Bollywood wedding songs. The song gives a clear picture of how the life of the bride transforms into at her in-laws’ place. The song has a traditional rhythm. It is a fusion of tradition and jazz blending. Guests from bride’s side can perform to this song.

Mahi Ve (Kal Ho Naa Ho)
It is one of the favourite songs performed in most of the Sangeet parties. It speaks about the beauty and virtue of the bride. The Song is one of the favourite picks of DJs of the party. The song gives a jubilant feel. It makes everyone to get on the stage and dance to the fun-filled beats.

Kajra Mohabbat Wala (Tanu Weds Manu)
This song is from the movie Tanu Weds Manu. Kangana Ranawath has thrown some enticing thumkas on this song. It is a jubilant song for the bride and their friends to perform.

Raat ke dhaai baje (Kaminey)
The complete essence of the wedding is portrayed in this song. It is a song filled with fun and naughty undertones. It makes you dance to the foot tapping tune without any practice or preparation. This song is kept for the bride to perform.

Tenu leke mein jawanga (Salam-E-Ishq)
This song is a perfect choice for the groom to dance solely. This song was performed by the evergreen hero Salman Kahan. It is one of the feet tapping numbers. A sangeet is incomplete without a Salman Khan’s song. The song portrays the intentions of the groom to take the bride away.

The sangeet parties will definitely be filled with joy and jubilation by performing to all these happy numbers.

How To Organise Your Sangeeth In A Truly Filmy Style?


Dance, fun, and music. An Indian wedding is incomplete without these three things. These are the things that spread happiness across all the people and make the ceremony lively. A well-decorated place is needed for the sangeet ceremony. You can have the ceremony on a decorated stage. For example, if the stage decoration for a wedding reception in Chennai has attracted you, you can find out those decorators. They can also give decor ideas for a great wedding sangeet. As per, a wedding planner will get everything which you wish to see on your wedding.

Gone are the days, when for each and everything a DJ was called. It feels bored if you call a DJ for each and every single event. It is your celebration and you need to think and add a little spice to events with some beautiful ideas. There will be a lot of ideas you will be getting when you brainstorm with your friends and cousins. Ideas, which can be cost-effective at the same time, can give double the joy and happiness a DJ can give. A small yet beautiful sangeet ceremony will be on the mind of everyone for a long time.

What about singing along with the music of your favorite song? Sounds interesting, right? You can ask the organizer to get a karaoke setup and fill it up with your favorite songs. Sing-along and record this, which in future will bring a smile to your face. Deciding on a theme for the sangeet is another idea which can be considered. You can choose for traditional attire or else go with the carnival theme etc. You will enjoy the event every well when you see everyone has dressed up according to your theme and having fun.


You can turn your sangeet ceremony to an award night wherein you can give small gifts to your family members. These gestures will make them happy and you will also be feeling great. The awards will be then treasured by the family members to show the affection towards you. A cocktail party along with the sangeet is not a bad idea. You can add many games such as keeping the posture of your favorite hero and you and your friends can take a photo along with the photo. These photos will soon be transformed as memories forever.

The food plays an important role in every event. So rather than having the normal buffet or an arranged food process, why don’t you try to build up some food trucks? These food trucks can be based according to the theme you have selected for the Sangeet. If you arrange a catering service and tell them about your idea, they will make your idea into reality which will make you happy. Last but not the least, adding some fun filled games will enhance the beauty of the day and will help to spread the joy across all.

A sangeet is a major ceremony and if you want to make it memorable, just call up the event managers and leave the rest to them and you enjoy your day.

The Famous Multiplexes In Chennai – An In Depth Review

rockin_tunes_24-jul-2015_11-09The aspect of cinema is a culture which has established a firm grip over the minds of majority Indians both in India as well as in foreign soils. Undoubtedly Chennai is considered to be a fine example to justified this statement as the skyline of this wonderful city is a billboard-dedicated to the movie industry for many decades. Unlike the chennai spa, few of the multiplexes are known to be the best place to hangout in chennai for many decades.Interestingly, unlike the rest of India, cinema has a great influence in the area of politics at Chennai as well as the whole state. To know more about Cinema, browse the website for more details.

Evolution of cinemas

Thanks to the advancement of technology which has not only lead to the improvement of life style of people but also impacted the people with a range of entertainment options. From the conventioanl touring talkies that run with the single screen theaters things have gone to sophasticated movie houses. Now it has evolved to a house of screens being called as Multiplex. Watching movies in these multiplexes is not only fun but also exciting to the audience.

proj_img-333_1Some great multiplexes in Chennai
For the benefit of the readers some of the top multiplexes are listed here, which are not in any specific order:

· Sathyam Cinemas: Located in the heart of the city called Royapettah, this is considered to be one of the top best multiplexes in Chennai. The cinema has six screens which can totoally entertain atound two thousand fans at a time. The cinema house is well known for screening high quality movies in its main screen.
· Escape Multiplex: Escape Cinemas is a venture by SPI Cinemas,a Sathyam Group. It is housed in the famous and the biggest Express Avenue Mall in Chennai. It is considered to be the biggest multiplex in Chennai with more than eight special screens. It is known for having the high quality sound and theater food in Chennai. It is also featuring some private screening and has many special aminities such as cloak room, screening lounge, esspresso and a smoking lounge.
· INOX Cinemas: This cinema group is a renowned multiplex operating firm in India and it also has one of the best mutiplexes in the city of Chennai. Being located in Radhakrishnan Salai, an arterial road in the city, the hall has a seating capacity of around one thousand. The hall is well maintained and offers a variety of foods.
· PVR Cinemas: This is located in Ampa Skywalk Mall on the Nelson Manuckam Road and has seven screens. The hall uses latest state-of –art in having the latest movie projection systems with incredible sound system installed in all screens.
· Devi Multiplex: This is one of the oldest movie complexes in India and has its own reputation on having such facilities since four decades back. More importantly, this is located in the heart of the Chennai city in Anna Salai. The complex offers comfortable seating arrangements with digital acoustics.Having a 70mm is its USP.

The Connection Between CRM And Cinemas


In the recent decades, there has been a major overhaul in the movie going experience due to huge advancements in technology. Cinema goers need to be wooed with a unique and luxurious experience to enhance their movie adventure and ensure that keep coming back. Salesforce has been touted as an extremely valuable CRM tool in the industry.

You can send your employees to a salesforce training Chennai and improve the relationship between the customers and the business. If you are looking for Ways to attract customers, you need to acknowledge the fact that most customers return to a particular cinema if they have enjoyed their previous experience. An easy way to ensure this is by making sure that you have comfortable seats and a good sound system.


According to reports on, every moviegoer is looking for a unique and magical experience each time they visit the cinema. By ensuring that the cinema-goer has access to comfortable seating, ensuring silence while the cinema is rolling, offering promotions to loyal customers all add up to a magical experience. Implementing a Customer Relationship Management software helps to keep track of all customer activity in addition to maximizing customer service as well as information sharing across the business. With the sudden influx of many competitors into the market, most cinema owners have found it difficult to retain their share of the market unless they update their business practices

By implementing Salesforce, it gives you an option of collecting information about the cinemagoers such as gender, age, movie preference and so on. Since all aspects of the sales process are stored in a Cloud by Salesforce, it makes it easily accessible by all the employees of the company, making it easier to customize their sales pitch to the customers. It also saves a lot of time by giving an accurate target segment when a particular movie of their interest comes out.

Movie going has exploded in the recent years with so many genres to choose from that cater to every individual of society. It does not necessarily mean that every single movie will appeal to one and all. Mature moviegoers seem to prefer drama with not too much violence; the young adult crowd seem to prefer sci-fi flicks along with mushy romances, and parents prefer taking their younger kids for family movies or animated movies. Once Salesforce has collected this information, it gives the cinema-owners a chance to maximize customer service by offering customized options and services.

Cinema-owners who have various cinemas scattered across the city or state need to realize that the cinema preferences also change according to the location. Salesforce can help determine which movies tend to be more popular across which age or gender and so on. These reports can help determine which movies played at which particular locations will pull in a bigger crowd thereby increasing the revenue. Salesforce can also help you give back to the society by arranging a free show for the lesser privileged during off-peak hours. This even helps create a more empathic and compassionate image in your customer’s’ eyes, making them visit your cinema the next time consider a movie night.