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About Us

Hi friends! Welcome to our website. I am part of this website management team and happy to meet you through our website. I joined with my friends to develop this website. We all had a common interest that is movies. We love to talk about movies for hours and hours. Whenever there is a movie release, we ensure to watch the movie and share our reviews. The best part is we did not stick to one language. We usually watch movies in various languages. Be it English, Hindi, Chinese or Japanese, we would watch and share the best reviews.

We thought to share our reviews with other movie buffs like us. It is how we developed this website. When you visit our website, you can get sufficient information about movies, latest movie reviews, show timings, best theatres and more. We have gathered and uploaded information on various cities. We did not want to talk about a particular city or language on our blog page. We have also shared some technology news to keep you entertained throughout. If you want us to review any movies, mobile apps or games, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to experience and share our thoughts on our website.

We started this website in 2014 and since then we did not pause or stop pursuing our passion. Whenever we get time, we join and keep writing the latest news on our website. We even have a team of editors and developers to help us in publishing and marketing our website. Thank you for visiting