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What Makes It Work?

One thing that has taken the world by storm are far as entertainment is concerned is the movies. In fact, movies have become the greatest entertainment of all timeover the last several decades. In India, Bollywood is what provides the entertainment by churning out movies year after year. Hindi movies released in Bollywood are a …

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World Class Entertainment With Hollywood

When it comes to world-class entertainment, there is nothing like Hollywood to entertain you. Over the last several decades, Hollywood has brought out some remarkably good movies, and people all over the world simply can’t get enough of it. Even old time classics like “Gone with the Wind” and musicals like “Mary Poppins, “A Roman …

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A Journey Through The Years

When it comes to world-class entertainment, Hollywood stands supreme. India’s answer to Hollywood is Bollywood, which is essentially Hindi cinema for the Indian audience. As far as regional cinema is concerned, Tollywood stands third in line. Tollywood refers to the movies produced by the Telugu film industry in Andhra Pradesh. Tollywood is well known for …

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The Best Of Kollywood – Over The Years!

One of the most entertaining industries of all time is the Tamil Cinema industry, popularly known as Kollywood. The Tamil cinema industry has created a niche for itself in the world of entertainment and continues to enthrall audiences in several parts of the world. While Bollywood stands second to Hollywood, Kollywood has been progressing in …

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The Connection Between CRM And Cinemas

In the recent decades, there has been a major overhaul in the movie going experience due to huge advancements in technology. Cinema goers need to be wooed with a unique and luxurious experience to enhance their movie adventure and ensure that keep coming back. Salesforce has been touted as an extremely valuable CRM tool in …

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Guidelines For Writing Movie Reviews

A motion picture survey gives the sign on regardless of whether others will discover the motion picture worth viewing. The reason for most motion picture audits is to help the per user in figuring out if they need to watch, lease or purchase the film. The audit ought to likewise give enough insights about the …

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