When it comes to world-class entertainment, there is nothing like Hollywood to entertain you. Over the last several decades, Hollywood has brought out some remarkably good movies, and people all over the world simply can’t get enough of it. Even old time classics like “Gone with the Wind” and musicals like “Mary Poppins, “A Roman Holiday” and “The Sound Of Music” are some of the glorious productions of Hollywood that people wouldn’t mind watching over and over again. Hollywood is well known for producing various genres of movies; some are thrillers such as “The Silence of the Lambs” and some are pure horror, meant to keep you at the edge of your seat for a nail-biting culmination. Some movies are historical, while others have an appeal that is entertaining for several years after the movie was released. Other movies that have been world class hits include horror movies like “Final Destination,” which have several sequels, actions movies like “Fast and Furious” (which also have several sequences) and family sitcoms like “Home Alone” among many others. Hollywood cinema comes in different genres such as romance, comedy, action, horror, thriller fiction and science fiction movies. Some of these movies are a combination of action and thrillers, or action and horror.

What makes “The Fugitive”Exceptional?

Producers and directors in Hollywood come up with some awesome combinations of script, action, and scenes that captivates the audience in a way like no other. One of the most enthralling action movies of all time is “The Fugitive.” Starring Harrison Ford, this movie was a world hit and had a unique formula that made it a huge success all over the world. It was a spectacular success, and it was made with a huge budget of about $44 million, way back in 1993. This movie is one of a kind and can keep you at the edge of your seat, without the slightest idea about what is going to happen next. While this movie is unique in every way, no other Hollywood production that can compare to “The Fugitive.”

Class Entertainment With Hollywood

After “The Fugitive,” Hollywood has come up with various other movies which it tries to equal with theclass of this movie but is barely it’s equal. One Hollywood production that can be compared to “The Fugitive” is “The Equalizer” This movie was made with a whopping budget of $62 million. While Hollywood has tried to create a sequel to “The Fugitive” with “US Marshals,” it is definitely not as good as its predecessor.

There is no doubt that Hollywood is capable of producing massive hits, but a lot depends on the budget of the movie, combined with the kind of movie being produced. Movies like the “Titanic” continue to entertain audiences all over the world because it is one of a kind. While “The Fugitive” continues to be the only movie of its kind which is capable of being one of the most exceptional ever produced. It can be said that even though Hollywood continues to produce movies of various kinds year after year, nothing can compare to “The Fugitive.”

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