A Person Holding The Movie Clapboard.

Movies and the magic that they bring when depicted on the huge silver screen is unfathomable at times. The effect of cinema on the world is somewhat where the books have ceased to exist. While books have implored an innate imagination in a person, movies take it to a whole level of a tangible form, and that is indeed why there are a considerable number of moviegoers compared to bookworms. Films have time and again proven that imagination becomes affordable even to the common of all thinkers as well. “Cinemagic” is the word coined for the effect it has on the viewers and continues even after they leave the cinemas. The way the characters have an immense impact on the viewers is because of the amount of dedication that the actors, the story writers and other crew members have thrown into the making.

What Makes A Good Film?

Despite all the people involved in making a masterpiece, it is the talent that often outweighs any other element. The way the story is presented gives a bright idea to the viewers on what the film is based. The best filmmakers in the history of the film industry have left a legacy for others to live up. Quentin Tarrantino, Christopher Nolan, John Woo, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Russo Brothers, J J Abrams, are few of the most noted film directors of the century. They are well known for the lessons that filmmakers of today still have to learn from them.

How You Present The Story

As it is wisely said in the film industry, “It is not about the story, but all about the way you present it to the audience”. The characters, and the emotions they have to go through during the challenges along the course of the story should be relatable to the viewers. The plot should not be too complicated with multiple characters so that the viewers may feel overwhelmed.

Show Your Dedication

Your level of dedication should be evident from the attention to detail you invest. Even the subtle elements such as background nuances, lighting perfection, camera placement all have a fair share to add to the quality of the final output. The ending of the film should not leave the audience as they exit the cinema hall, it should walk out with them in their minds and into their lives, that is when a film has completed the trick called “magic”.

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