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Trends that make animation popular

The world of animation not only evokes wonders in the child’s mind but also makes a discerning adult squeal with joy. Perhaps that is the strength of animation, which makes it an appealing genre for all audiences. Animation ideas made its foray into the film industry way back in the early 1900s when different artists all over the world were hell-bent on experimenting with the science of movies and its related aspects. It was an era when filmmakers were trying hard to weave their stories into rolls of celluloid, and the idea of animation was still a budding concept. The 1920s saw a wave of technological innovations in the film industry, with sound being implemented in movies and animation concepts blooming. Animation’s popularity boomed with the release of Walt Disney’s “Steamboat Willie” in the year 1928, which also marked the beginning of Disney’s perpetual monopoly that exists even today. 

The late 1950s witnessed the popularization of TVs and the upsurge in the popularity of animation pioneers Hanna-Barbara. The succeeding decades has been a consistent transformation for the animation film industry that saw the rise of animation from child entertainers to one that entertains adults as well. Finally, in the 1990s rose the most significant innovation of the animation film industry – CGI or computer graphics imagery that was successful in replacing hand-drawn images with computer images. To know more about the animation film industry and the trends that sustain this field, read on

Top trends in animation

An Image Representing The Professional Camera For Filming.Animation has always caught the fancy of children and adults alike. With innovations in the industry, the trend of innovative themes in animated programs has also caught up in the wave of changes. Gone are the days when animations were only meant for kids with talking animals or friendly cars and all the inanimate things that behave humanly; today, animation is part and parcel of every movie you can imagine. What makes this technology appealing to every audience? Find out the trends in animation that makes it extremely popular.

The third dimension influence

3D and other modern animation features are undoubtedly the marvels of technology that are reigning the animation film industry. Disney had already foreseen this trend as early as the 2000s when it had closed the 2D animated feature studio that was accountable for umpteen 2D feature films in the earlier decades. Though the 2D series is still the thriving animation in the television industry, nobody can rule out the fact that 3D is the standard when it comes to an animated feature film.

Virtual experiences and thrills

Innovations in animation know no limits. What was considered as the most significant miracle three decades back has become normal for an animation movie today. Virtual reality experiences and the delight experienced through it, is tempting the innovators to add on new features consistently. The stimulating technologies and visual experiences are making animation a much sought after trend.

Remakes, the refreshing trend

The animation film industry is witnessing a surge in the remakes of old movies or series with modern technologies. Though the trend may seem to be repetitive and lacking innovation, there are times when the reboots are much better than their previous versions. The warm reception of “ The Lion King”, “The Grinch “ and “Jungle Book” are the pieces of evidence of this refreshing trend.

Newer viewing platform trends

The foray of OTTs has given the film industry a big boost with increased viewership and increasing patronage. The business perspective of the industry has leapt with the makers mainly focusing on the quality rather than putting efforts on building mass appeal that was required of them earlier. Animated movies that don’t attract a decent audience in the first week are likely to lose its charm in the coming weeks. These incidents do not give the film a deserving exposure. But the popularity of streaming platforms has reversed these trends and attracted more audiences.

Animation is expensive

Computer graphics may have lessened the hand drawing efforts, but the innovations and accuracy have made this craft one of the costliest and toughest filmmaking experiences. There are more people involved in the making who add textures and environments that make the film exciting. Not only has that, the trending live-action animation films and other innovative features involved a significant expense and effort into the filmmaking.

Adults and animation

Trends are showing that a growing number of adults are indulging themselves in viewing animation contents more than before. The themes or substances that make up the animations are luring in many adult viewers, which is good news for the animation film industry.

Yes, sequels are appealing too

The growing acceptance of sequels is testament to how makers are getting better at etching out the stories and the characters. Experts believe that an audience that loves a character would watch its sequel to experience their lovable characters in a new setting. The trend is welcome news for filmmakers who need to spend only a shorter time for etching out a new story.

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