A Camera In Rolling & Recording A Film.

The Three Main Features Of A Good Movie

For the viewer, the concept of a good movie is subjective, but for the film industry, it is more objective. If a film encompasses the elements described below, it is classified as good.

  1. The script has to be engaging in some manner. It can have a twist, a suspense or plain old excitement. 
  2. Originality is another feature that a good movie has. If you want a movie to be successful, you have to create something that has not been seen before. If you are creating a remake, it has to have a fresh take to it.
  3. Make it believable. While some genres need not adhere to this element, most have to be true-to-life and realistic.

The Three Secondary Elements Of A Good Movie

  1.  Even the most original script will fail if the movie doesn’t have a proper structure. Therefore, work on avoiding repetition, keeping scene length appropriate and have excellent character development. 
  2. Good actors are another feature that makes a good movie. If the actor fails to hook in the audience, they will not recommend it to others and the film will be a flop.
  3. An actor is only as good as the character created in the movie. So, work on robust, believable and multi-layered characters.

These were the 6 core elements of a good movie. Besides this, a film should also have a good pace (neither too fast nor too slow), great visual features (attractive and eye-catching) and incredible sound that does justice to the movie and genre.

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