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A Set of People Enjoying A 3D Movie In Theatre.
Film Making

Trends of global cinema 2020

Upcoming trends of global cinema in 2020 With the coronavirus outbreak grappling its grip tightly, the film industry’s productions have been taking a stride downwards, forcing production houses to mass layoffs and cost cuts in the past 2-3 months. Amidst the global restriction of gathering and movements, many big production houses like Warner Bros, Disney, …

A Film Camera Man Explaining His View To An Actor.
Film Making

Grappling with Film industry layoffs

Pandemic’s impact on the global film industry With the pandemic tightening its grip globally, thousands of employees are being rendered jobless, and the film industry is not far behind. Hollywood company Disney has already furloughed many of its employees and has asked its executives to take pay cuts. But many of its European counterparts, Canada, …

A Person Holding The Movie Clapboard.
Film Making

Elements That Make A Great Film

Movies and the magic that they bring when depicted on the huge silver screen is unfathomable at times. The effect of cinema on the world is somewhat where the books have ceased to exist. While books have implored an innate imagination in a person, movies take it to a whole level of a tangible form, …

Sony a6300 Product Photography For A Film.
Film Making

The Film Industry – Explained

As with any other process, an intensive amount of planning and preparation is one thing that encourages the completion of the project as a high-quality output. The initial stage is called development and pre-production. It is all about the planning process and all about getting ready to start filming. The second stage is all about …