Life's Long, Colour It

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A Person Holding The Movie Clapboard.
Film Making

Elements That Make A Great Film

Movies and the magic that they bring when depicted on the huge silver screen is unfathomable at times. The effect of cinema on the world is somewhat where the books have ceased to exist. While books have implored an innate imagination in a person, movies take it to a whole level of a tangible form, …

A Commercial Movie Director Standing Infront of The Professional Camera.
Film Making

Five critical phases of film Making

Crucial steps involved in filmmaking¬† With a global box office worth of $41.7 billion, the film industry is a vital production unit that employs a large workforce and produces a whole lot of entertainment. The film industry that comprises various technological and commercial units such as production companies, studios, cinematography, screenwriting, pre-production, post-production, distribution, and …