Life's Long, Colour It

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A Film Camera Man Explaining His View To An Actor.
Film Making

Grappling with Film industry layoffs

Pandemic’s impact on the global film industry With the pandemic tightening its grip globally, thousands of employees are being rendered jobless, and the film industry is not far behind. Hollywood company Disney has already furloughed many of its employees and has asked its executives to take pay cuts. But many of its European counterparts, Canada, …

A Commercial Movie Director Standing Infront of The Professional Camera.
Film Making

Five critical phases of film Making

Crucial steps involved in filmmaking  With a global box office worth of $41.7 billion, the film industry is a vital production unit that employs a large workforce and produces a whole lot of entertainment. The film industry that comprises various technological and commercial units such as production companies, studios, cinematography, screenwriting, pre-production, post-production, distribution, and …