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Just like any other business, understanding the customer is very crucial in film making as well. Not all people who watch movies enjoy the same genre. From the thousands of films being produced every year, maybe a couple of hundreds reach the online platforms for distribution and a still smaller portion reach the cinemas. It is believed that Aristotle is the one which differentiated comedy and tragedy in storytelling. But now we have multiple genres of storytelling in the film industry, and movies are not at all framed to satisfy a single genre at a time.

Audience Can Be Lured By Selecting The Right Genre

Movie making does not end when shooting is done, but it is associated with a lot of post-production processes. Finding the right audience for the film is very important, and that task rests with the marketing department. They are responsible for giving life to your hard work. Movies on Ironman and Captain America attract a specific segment of the audience and might not be suitable for an audience expecting a rom-com. The movie buff population consists of a wide age range and taste, hence catering to the general majority is one challenge that the screenwriters have to overcome while writing the scripts for a movie. Sci-fi genres movies are good at bringing audiences, but they don’t do great at winning awards and accolades. Performing well at the box office is no way an assurance of the quality of the genre. From a technical perspective, the camera position is altered for shooting different genres. Science fiction movies use a wider shot, for comedy and romantic movies it gets a medium shot, while for horror movies it gets a first-person perspective of the actor’s face.

Importance Of Genre With Film Crew 

Screenwriters and filmmakers often repeat the same accepted genres and the formula that worked before to end up in failures usually. Hence they often make a twist in the original plot and slowly present the same idea in a better representation making it more pleasing for the audience. Screenwriters love the genre because it’s like an untold recipe book that defines what is possible or not. For example, a movie like Twelve Years A Slave will not feature aliens. However, you do find aliens in the wild west in Jon Favreau’s Cowboys Vs Aliens – where he took our expectations of the wild west and turned it inside out. 

Cues To Identify Genres

There are specific patterns in movies of a genre, and they do repeat, making it easier to identify the genre. Road movies, for example, each movie is different, has a different story, but the journey is typical for all road movies. The use of costumes, the camera angles, the lighting and the scene setup all scream genre specifics loudly.

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