In the recent decades, there has been a major overhaul in the movie going experience due to huge advancements in technology. Cinema goers need to be wooed with a unique and luxurious experience to enhance their movie adventure and ensure that keep coming back. Salesforce has been touted as an extremely valuable CRM tool in the industry.

You can send your employees to a salesforce training Chennai and improve the relationship between the customers and the business. If you are looking for Ways to attract customers, you need to acknowledge the fact that most customers return to a particular cinema if they have enjoyed their previous experience. An easy way to ensure this is by making sure that you have comfortable seats and a good sound system.


According to reports on, every moviegoer is looking for a unique and magical experience each time they visit the cinema. By ensuring that the cinema-goer has access to comfortable seating, ensuring silence while the cinema is rolling, offering promotions to loyal customers all add up to a magical experience. Implementing a Customer Relationship Management software helps to keep track of all customer activity in addition to maximizing customer service as well as information sharing across the business. With the sudden influx of many competitors into the market, most cinema owners have found it difficult to retain their share of the market unless they update their business practices

By implementing Salesforce, it gives you an option of collecting information about the cinemagoers such as gender, age, movie preference and so on. Since all aspects of the sales process are stored in a Cloud by Salesforce, it makes it easily accessible by all the employees of the company, making it easier to customize their sales pitch to the customers. It also saves a lot of time by giving an accurate target segment when a particular movie of their interest comes out.

Movie going has exploded in the recent years with so many genres to choose from that cater to every individual of society. It does not necessarily mean that every single movie will appeal to one and all. Mature moviegoers seem to prefer drama with not too much violence; the young adult crowd seem to prefer sci-fi flicks along with mushy romances, and parents prefer taking their younger kids for family movies or animated movies. Once Salesforce has collected this information, it gives the cinema-owners a chance to maximize customer service by offering customized options and services.

Cinema-owners who have various cinemas scattered across the city or state need to realize that the cinema preferences also change according to the location. Salesforce can help determine which movies tend to be more popular across which age or gender and so on. These reports can help determine which movies played at which particular locations will pull in a bigger crowd thereby increasing the revenue. Salesforce can also help you give back to the society by arranging a free show for the lesser privileged during off-peak hours. This even helps create a more empathic and compassionate image in your customer’sā€™ eyes, making them visit your cinema the next time consider a movie night.

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