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A Set of People Enjoying A 3D Movie In Theatre.
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Trends of global cinema 2020

Upcoming trends of global cinema in 2020 With the coronavirus outbreak grappling its grip tightly, the film industry’s productions have been taking a stride downwards, forcing production houses to mass layoffs and cost cuts in the past 2-3 months. Amidst the global restriction of gathering and movements, many big production houses like Warner Bros, Disney, …

Best Home Cinema System Concept.
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Innovations that revolutionized movies

Technologies that transformed world cinema From the motion picture techniques used in the ancient caves of Chauvet or El Castillo to modern-day computer graphics, movies have undergone numerous innovations to become what it is today. The journey of cinema has been a bundle innovative of concepts such as the illusion of motion, phi phenomenon, Camera …

Film Crew Team Filming Movie Scenes On Studio.
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What Is Trending In The Film Industry?

Film Industry Is Ever Evolving The film industry and filmmaking is ever evolving with new age technology and production processes. The film industry has seen sea changes in the way people make and watch movies. There was a time when films were made only for theatre release. It would run for years and there would …

Image That Depicts The Buildings play the leading role in film industry.
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How Architecture Speaks Through Cinema?

Importance and Role Of Architecture In Films Architecture is a thriving industry as the construction projects increase every year. Architecture also plays a vital role in the film industry. There is a close connection between architecture and film making. The use of available space, set design can help to understand the importance of architects and …