After ten years, the girls group played a wonderful concert in L.A. The impressive performance done by the band attracted the audience very much, and they enjoyed to the most. In fact, they joined in order to promote their new album No Cities to Love, and it is a follow-up to the 2005 release. In the year 2006 this band announced that here will be no tours or recordings in future and the reasons were not stated clearly and they just informed there is some tension among the band members. Some of the tunes that were received very well by the audience were Dig Me Out, Turn It On Price Tag” and also No Cities to Love. There were numerous old and new fans in the group.

Sleater-Kinney Slays L.A Through Her ConcertThis concert did not have more, talks, but they played an amazing set of 21 songs. In fact, the energy on the stage was great and uncontrollable. The band was at their best while playing the songs. The audiences were also very enthusiastic to hear more from them. In fact, the venue had a full attendance of 4000 people. The opening act of the band was dedicated to their special friend Ian Rubbish, and the song was Rollercoaster. The pairing of the vocals was very effective, and it acts as an added advantage to the performance. In fact, this performance stated how strong the Sleater-Kinney’s creation is even after twenty long years from the day the band was formed.

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