This is a movie that was screened at Cannes under the competition category. The sea of trees is an emotional movie that is directed by Gus Van Sant. This is a tale of two men one is Japanese, and another is an American, who enter the suicide forest in order to end their lives. Matthew McConaughey’s name will bring more crowds to the theaters due to the top notch performance given by the actor in recent days. So there will be a good business after the theatrical business. The professional life of an American man that stresses him too much could have been presented in a better way. But Christopher Sparling, the screenwriter, has chosen the usual way that is well known to many people.

The Sea Of TreesEven the background score could have been better as it is very obvious. The American heads towards the haunted forests in Japan named as Aokigahara Forest in order to commit suicide. When he reaches the place there are many caution boards about the forest which he ignores and enters the forest where some dead remains like skeleton welcomes him after which he starts to remember the hate conversations with his wife. Takumi Nakamura is the person who is a failure in business meets the American in the forest who has the same motive as another. After a flood, they both abruptly decide to return back to their life and try to escape out from the forest making the trees as their only support for survival.

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