Paulina is a movie that is talking about a very complex and challenging subject. This movie was screened at Cannes in the critics week. Santiago Mitre has done a good job. This movie is a drama that will revolve around a socially conscious teacher. In fact, this movie talks a lot about the sexual assaults that frequently happen now-a-days. It details about the victims physiological changes, how the incident affects the friends and family of the victim and also the judicial system. The lead character Paulina is played by Dolores Fonzi and the powerful performance from the actor is an added advantage to this film. This movie shows the bare truth of how the victims are treated by the society after the incident.

Paulina Movie-ReviewThe movie starts with Paulina arguing with her father about her career. She wants to become a promising lawyer in the rural area of Northeast abandoning her Ph.D. thought her father who is a judge objects the decision in the beginning he agrees to it after noting the seriousness of her daughter. Her decision brings her to the place where she grew up as a child, and she works as a teacher too. One day after completing the work she has a good time with her friend Laura and while returning from the work she is pulled off the road by five youths and is raped. After which the story takes a turn, and each and every character that has played by various actors is praiseworthy.

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