Grimur Hakonarson’s Rams was screened in the Cannes festival was recognized by many audiences for the wonderful storyline and acting of the actors in the film. This is a movie that states about the life of two brothers and their animals. This film has shown the isolated rural life neatly. This is a movie that switches between humor and tragedy. This story is all about the two unmarried brothers who live next to each other with their sheep but have not spoken to each other in the forty years. Though they do not have any family, they love their rams. They enter a local completion, and one loses to another. Later an incurable disease starts spreading to the sheep which affects the spine and brain of the sheep. The vets conform that there is no cure for this problem and asks the people to kill their animals as soon as possible.

Gummi kills 147 sheep though he is devastated by this news, but he secretly keeps many of his favorites in the basement thinking that he will not be found out. His thought is failed by his brother Kiddi who finds out the truth and asks him to kill them all. This initiates interaction between both the men in a minimal range. The editing and the performance of the two lead characters are the advantages of this film. The peculiar relationship between the siblings adds spice to this movie. This movie has a climax with a lot of emotion and meteorological ferocity.

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