The powerful rock performance rendered by the singer at the age of 63 stunned many people in the concert as it is not an easy task. The song like Authority is not so easy to perform. The way the songs were delivered touched many audiences, and the concert was a grand success. Even the sense of humor of the performer made the crown laugh out loud. This is an 80-day tour, and he is promoting his new album named Plain Spoken in these concerts. In fact, the joy of the singer while performing has no bounds, and it is clearly visible in his case. He performed for about 2 hours with his six-piece band, and the show had various categories of songs in the set.

John Mellencamp'sThe show satisfied his fans to the most as the collection of songs that he performed was very good. Especially when the numbers from his famous album host Brothers of Darkland County was played the fans were really impressed. Even some of his performances made the audience dance in the venue itself. The perfect delivery of the songs made the concert more enjoyable and interesting. Even the slight dance movements made by the singer were very cute and increased the joy factor. When he performed the Jack and Diane, the crowd was acting as his chorus, and he added there are two verses and then chorus as they were singing too soon. In fact, the singer’s age did not strike the viewers until he sang the song If I Die Sudden and left a pause.

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