At his age of 71 Barry Manilow did not allow any of his fans leave the stadium disappointed. All the songs were sung by him at Staples Center, Los Angeles still make the people of the world sing it again and again. In fact, it proved the people how much gas is left in his tank even now. The show started with the wonderful song It’s a Miracle, in fact, it was fitting the situation very well. This energetic start increased the enthusiasm among the audience. When Manilow walked on the lighted ramp that descended to the floor a person from the audience shake his leg with Manilow. Then rendered the songs Could It Be Magic and Even Now flawlessly in his magical voice. In fact, the last two notes in the song Even Now was sustained by him with good timing and strength that attracted the viewers very much.

One Last Time Concert ReviewThere was no vocal diminishment in the singer and no one believe that the singer is of age 71. He also stated few words about his long career of 40 years before starting a song from his first album that was released in the year 1821. It was a 90-minute show, and the choreography for this show was done very carefully so that the singer can sustain in the stage without any tiredness. The glow sticks waved by the singers fans from the audience side gave a new look to the place that was very attractive to see when the singer completed his set of 15 songs.

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