Review On A Tale Of Love And Darkness

This is a movie that was screen at Cannes and got a very good applause from the viewers. Natalie Portman, who is the director, actor and screenwriter, has done a reasonable good job in her debut. She has carried out the role of young mother very effectively. This film has a lot of dramas, and it acts as an advantage in some places and disadvantage in some spots. Slawomir Idziak, the cinematographer of this movie, has done a stylish recording but the dark tone used makes it difficult for the viewer to identify the faces. The 12-year-old son character played by Amir Tessler is noteworthy as he has brought out the two different shades of the role as a boy who actively takes part in the family life and as a boy who gets bullied in the school very well.

One of the attractive scenes in the movies is the party that is hosted by an Arabic family. The scene has been shot very naturally, and it will not be very easy to bring out such a wonderful scene, and the director has to be applauded for her good work. Though this film is shot on the basis of a book, it will be better not to compare them both as there are some scenes left out. The climax of the movie is emotional, and the speech given by the character binds the audience very well. The music is also pleasant and lyrical which cannot be ignored so easily.

Paulina – Movie Review


Paulina is a movie that is talking about a very complex and challenging subject. This movie was screened at Cannes in the critics week. Santiago Mitre has done a good job. This movie is a drama that will revolve around a socially conscious teacher. In fact, this movie talks a lot about the sexual assaults that frequently happen now-a-days. It details about the victims physiological changes, how the incident affects the friends and family of the victim and also the judicial system. The lead character Paulina is played by Dolores Fonzi and the powerful performance from the actor is an added advantage to this film. This movie shows the bare truth of how the victims are treated by the society after the incident.

The movie starts with Paulina arguing with her father about her career. She wants to become a promising lawyer in the rural area of Northeast abandoning her Ph.D. thought her father who is a judge objects the decision in the beginning he agrees to it after noting the seriousness of her daughter. Her decision brings her to the place where she grew up as a child, and she works as a teacher too. One day after completing the work she has a good time with her friend Laura and while returning from the work she is pulled off the road by five youths and is raped. After which the story takes a turn, and each and every character that has played by various actors is praiseworthy.

Get To Know The Movie The Sea Of Trees

This is a movie that was screened at Cannes under the competition category. The sea of trees is an emotional movie that is directed by Gus Van Sant. This is a tale of two men one is Japanese, and another is an American, who enter the suicide forest in order to end their lives. Matthew McConaughey’s name will bring more crowds to the theaters due to the top notch performance given by the actor in recent days. So there will be a good business after the theatrical business. The professional life of an American man that stresses him too much could have been presented in a better way. But Christopher Sparling, the screenwriter, has chosen the usual way that is well known to many people.

Even the background score could have been better as it is very obvious. The American heads towards the haunted forests in Japan named as Aokigahara Forest in order to commit suicide. When he reaches the place there are many caution boards about the forest which he ignores and enters the forest where some dead remains like skeleton welcomes him after which he starts to remember the hate conversations with his wife. Takumi Nakamura is the person who is a failure in business meets the American in the forest who has the same motive as another. After a flood, they both abruptly decide to return back to their life and try to escape out from the forest making the trees as their only support for survival.

Rams – Movie Review


Grimur Hakonarson’s Rams was screened in the Cannes festival was recognized by many audiences for the wonderful storyline and acting of the actors in the film. This is a movie that states about the life of two brothers and their animals. This film has shown the isolated rural life neatly. This is a movie that switches between humor and tragedy. This story is all about the two unmarried brothers who live next to each other with their sheep but have not spoken to each other in the forty years. Though they do not have any family, they love their rams. They enter a local completion, and one loses to another. Later an incurable disease starts spreading to the sheep which affects the spine and brain of the sheep. The vets conform that there is no cure for this problem and asks the people to kill their animals as soon as possible.

Gummi kills 147 sheep though he is devastated by this news, but he secretly keeps many of his favorites in the basement thinking that he will not be found out. His thought is failed by his brother Kiddi who finds out the truth and asks him to kill them all. This initiates interaction between both the men in a minimal range. The editing and the performance of the two lead characters are the advantages of this film. The peculiar relationship between the siblings adds spice to this movie. This movie has a climax with a lot of emotion and meteorological ferocity.

Knights Of Pen And Paper 2 Review

Gaming is a very good entertainment that is loved by many people. In fact, it acts as a very good stress buster for many people. There are numerous online video games that are released daily, and one of the best video games that are available in the market is Knights of pen and paper 2. This is a role player game that will combine nerd culture and fantasy in the right mix. This will be an adventurous game that will be very interesting. This game allows the player to enjoy to the most while playing this game. The game starts at the place called spawn point village, and the mission will be to save the village rats from the various traps setup.

Slowly the player will get to know that the world is at grave danger due to a character named as the paper knight. This character will have a lot of powers, and it will make the game more challenging for the player. The work that has to be done by the player is to find the disc of house rules that will help in stripping the powers of the paper knight and save the world. There will be numerous pop-ups in the game and also running commentaries. The player’s character can be chosen according to the wish like a hunter, mage and warrior and the statistics and abilities will also vary according to the selection. There are many combinations that can be made in the play and each combination will give some interesting changes in the game.

One Last Time Concert Review


At his age of 71 Barry Manilow did not allow any of his fans leave the stadium disappointed. All the songs were sung by him at Staples Center, Los Angeles still make the people of the world sing it again and again. In fact, it proved the people how much gas is left in his tank even now. The show started with the wonderful song It’s a Miracle, in fact, it was fitting the situation very well. This energetic start increased the enthusiasm among the audience. When Manilow walked on the lighted ramp that descended to the floor a person from the audience shake his leg with Manilow. Then rendered the songs Could It Be Magic and Even Now flawlessly in his magical voice. In fact, the last two notes in the song Even Now was sustained by him with good timing and strength that attracted the viewers very much.

There was no vocal diminishment in the singer and no one believe that the singer is of age 71. He also stated few words about his long career of 40 years before starting a song from his first album that was released in the year 1821. It was a 90-minute show, and the choreography for this show was done very carefully so that the singer can sustain in the stage without any tiredness. The glow sticks waved by the singers fans from the audience side gave a new look to the place that was very attractive to see when the singer completed his set of 15 songs.

John Mellencamp’s Awesome Show

The powerful rock performance rendered by the singer at the age of 63 stunned many people in the concert as it is not an easy task. The song like Authority is not so easy to perform. The way the songs were delivered touched many audiences, and the concert was a grand success. Even the sense of humor of the performer made the crown laugh out loud. This is an 80-day tour, and he is promoting his new album named Plain Spoken in these concerts. In fact, the joy of the singer while performing has no bounds, and it is clearly visible in his case. He performed for about 2 hours with his six-piece band, and the show had various categories of songs in the set.

The show satisfied his fans to the most as the collection of songs that he performed was very good. Especially when the numbers from his famous album host Brothers of Darkland County was played the fans were really impressed. Even some of his performances made the audience dance in the venue itself. The perfect delivery of the songs made the concert more enjoyable and interesting. Even the slight dance movements made by the singer were very cute and increased the joy factor. When he performed the Jack and Diane, the crowd was acting as his chorus, and he added there are two verses and then chorus as they were singing too soon. In fact, the singer’s age did not strike the viewers until he sang the song If I Die Sudden and left a pause.

Details On The Concert Of FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs always gives a different experience in her concert when compared to her albums. This wonderful show was held at Belasco Theater, Los Angeles. All the live concerts of FKA Twigs will have some lyrical importance. Normally her movements will be the attraction factor and a way of connection to the audience. She sang about 15 songs, and she took a little more than one hour in order to complete all her performances. The costume of the performer was very attractive it was a flowing blue pants and white crop top. Her dance movement and poses made the crowd go crazy. The backlighting and the other lighting effects have made the show look better, and the singer’s movements were synced by the flashlight.

FKA Twigs is well known for the emotional fervor she makes with her body during the performance and song recording. She commonly known as a dramatic video girl by many people. In fact, it makes her physical expression primary attraction making the lyrical bonanza secondary. Glass & Patron is the song that was the highlight in this particular concert mainly due to the raw rendition with more aggression. But a small disturbance during the concert was the hiccup that occurred while singing the song Pendulum hence she asked the band to wait and restart the song as she was not satisfied with the previous one. In the middle of the song, she knelt down in the stage and took many selfies with the audience and thanked them for their wonderful and continuous support.

Sleater-Kinney Slays L.A Through Her Concert

After ten years, the girls group played a wonderful concert in L.A. The impressive performance done by the band attracted the audience very much, and they enjoyed to the most. In fact, they joined in order to promote their new album No Cities to Love, and it is a follow-up to the 2005 release. In the year 2006 this band announced that here will be no tours or recordings in future and the reasons were not stated clearly and they just informed there is some tension among the band members. Some of the tunes that were received very well by the audience were Dig Me Out, Turn It On Price Tag” and also No Cities to Love. There were numerous old and new fans in the group.

This concert did not have more, talks, but they played an amazing set of 21 songs. In fact, the energy on the stage was great and uncontrollable. The band was at their best while playing the songs. The audiences were also very enthusiastic to hear more from them. In fact, the venue had a full attendance of 4000 people. The opening act of the band was dedicated to their special friend Ian Rubbish, and the song was Rollercoaster. The pairing of the vocals was very effective, and it acts as an added advantage to the performance. In fact, this performance stated how strong the Sleater-Kinney’s creation is even after twenty long years from the day the band was formed.

Kerbal Space Program – Game Review

There are numerous games in the market, and no one can assure that the game will be interesting unless they give it a try. Similarly, the kerbal space program is a game that has attracted numerous players within a very short time after its release in the market. In fact, the rating of this game is also very high. This game will prove a lot of fun to the player when he starts to play the game. This game will allow the player to build and launch rockets normally building the rockets will be very tough but when the player starts to learn from his mistakes and correct it then he will be able to make the perfect rocket. But this will not be possible in a single attempt.

This game will be very interesting, especially for the science lovers. This game can be learned better only through the process of trial and error. Each and every success in this game will provide a very good satisfactory feel, and every success will take the player to the next level in this game. There are numerous modes in this game, and the required one can be chosen by the player. In fact, this game will give the player about the rocket since he will be dealing with the building of space objects in the game. In fact small details about thrust, weight and fuel will be noted in this game, and this will make the game more challenging and interesting when compared to the other games.