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Film Making

The Film Industry – Explained

As with any other process, an intensive amount of planning and preparation is one thing that encourages the completion of the project as a high-quality output. The initial stage is called development and pre-production. It is all about the planning process and all about getting ready to start filming. The second stage is all about …

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Film Making

Five critical phases of film Making

Crucial steps involved in filmmaking  With a global box office worth of $41.7 billion, the film industry is a vital production unit that employs a large workforce and produces a whole lot of entertainment. The film industry that comprises various technological and commercial units such as production companies, studios, cinematography, screenwriting, pre-production, post-production, distribution, and …

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Film Making

Innovations that revolutionized movies

Technologies that transformed world cinema From the motion picture techniques used in the ancient caves of Chauvet or El Castillo to modern-day computer graphics, movies have undergone numerous innovations to become what it is today. The journey of cinema has been a bundle innovative of concepts such as the illusion of motion, phi phenomenon, Camera …