Perfect Home Theatre Experience

Home-TheatresThere is definitely something special about going to the cinemas and watching 4K or ultra-high definition 3D movies on the silver screen with high quality surround sound, comfortable seating and a big paper cup full of buttery popcorn.

But what if you could have that same experience at home?

Not only does a home theatre system make a home that much more luxurious, because it is your own, it doesn’t have to be limited to just watching movies. You can watch sporting events, play games and host movie nights with family and friends all in the comfort of your own home. Home theatres don’t have to break the bank. In fact the most important thing for any home entertainment system is dedicating a space for it. With better large screen TVs and movie projectors flooding the market, setting up a budget-friendly yet sophisticated has never been easier on the mind and on the pocket.

At Control4, we want you to have the perfect home theatre experience.  We do not simply stop with selling our customers equipment to set up their home systems. We offer bespoke services and advice on how to best set up your home system and our friendly staff and technicians are always there to assemble and connect your devices for you so that you have one less thing to worry about before you settle into your new home theatre.

Our integrated controls help make playing even the most complex of equipment as easy as watching TV. Home theatre systems do not have to be complicated or have dozens of controllers for each aspect. A single master controller is all you need for all your cinematic dreams to come true. Here are some of the services and products we offer to help you create your very own home theatre.

Home Theatre Projectors and Screens

Home-Theatre-Projectors-and-ScreensWhile a large screen TV may be enough for your daily TV time, watching a good movie especially with family and friends deserves a little something special. Movie projectors and 4K screens create the best environment for an immersive viewing experience. Additionally, most TVs and projectors come equipped with 3D viewing properties. Look for a projector that offers the best features for the best price and comes with good viewing angles and multiple output options. Some projectors also have the option of being mounted on the ceiling and come with all the necessary hardware in the package itself while for others the fittings will need to be purchased separately. Similarly, to get the best TV experience, consider mounting it on the wall.

High Definition Music System

Invest in a good music system which will give you a mindblowing concert-like feel. Make sure you know the significance each of the speaker systems and how their positioning can affect your sound output. For Surround sound speakers, consider investing in wireless speakers that can be mounted on the walls or left freestanding on the floor. Dealing with lesser wires will give you a cleaner look to the room. Invest in a good subwoofer and equalizer system and learn how to use them well. With the right sound system, all your music will sound like liquid gold.

Light Automation

Light-AutomationFor many people, the most exciting part of the theatre-going experience is when the lights dim before the start of the show. Typically, for a movie night at home, someone has the delegated task of switching the lights on and off as required. However, that will no longer be an issue. Without moving an inch from your sat, you can now switch the lights on and off using our automated lighting system. If the lights are connected to a dimmer switch, the universal remote control can be connected to it and can be used to reduce the light to a minimal for those who do not like to watch their movies in full darkness. The lights can also be programmed to brighten when the movie has been paused or stopped. Decorative colour lights can also be used along the walls and floors for the ultimate dance party setup. Choose from our range of high quality LED and decorative lights for the perfect setting in your home theatre and create an unforgettable ambience for your home system.

Media Servers

Media ServersMedia servers act as local depositories for movies, music and pictures. Not only is this a great way to free up space on your computers or other system but by saving everything to a central home network, it becomes easy to access them from any device connected via the local LAN network. Media servers also help keep all your digital albums categorized and will not be misplaced like physical copies on DVDs and pen drives. Control4 offers several types of media servers depending on your budget, required capacity and type of usage. Media servers can also be linked to home theatres, sound systems and even iPads, all the while keeping you movie and music collection accessible at all times.

Automation Control Systems

Control4’s home automation systems give you the ultimate control over all aspects of your media playing experience. The possibilities only end when your imagination does. You can integrate your audio and video system to respond to a single controller. You can control the climate of your rooms with the simple click of a button. In a customized home theaters automation system, you can control the lighting, draw the window shades down and even pause the playback of the movie when someone gets up from their seat using pressure sensors. All this and more is at your disposal with Control4’s home theatre customisation services.

Review On A Tale Of Love And Darkness

Tale Of Love And Darkness

This is a movie that was screen at Cannes and got a very good applause from the viewers. Natalie Portman, who is the director, actor and screenwriter, has done a reasonable good job in her debut. She has carried out the role of young mother very effectively. This film has a lot of dramas, and it acts as an advantage in some places and disadvantage in some spots. Slawomir Idziak, the cinematographer of this movie, has done a stylish recording but the dark tone used makes it difficult for the viewer to identify the faces. The 12-year-old son character played by Amir Tessler is noteworthy as he has brought out the two different shades of the role as a boy who actively takes part in the family life and as a boy who gets bullied in the school very well.

Tale Of Love And Darkness

One of the attractive scenes in the movies is the party that is hosted by an Arabic family. The scene has been shot very naturally, and it will not be very easy to bring out such a wonderful scene, and the director has to be applauded for her good work. Though this film is shot on the basis of a book, it will be better not to compare them both as there are some scenes left out. The climax of the movie is emotional, and the speech given by the character binds the audience very well. The music is also pleasant and lyrical which cannot be ignored so easily.

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Paulina – Movie Review


Paulina is a movie that is talking about a very complex and challenging subject. This movie was screened at Cannes in the critics week. Santiago Mitre has done a good job. This movie is a drama that will revolve around a socially conscious teacher. In fact, this movie talks a lot about the sexual assaults that frequently happen now-a-days. It details about the victims physiological changes, how the incident affects the friends and family of the victim and also the judicial system. The lead character Paulina is played by Dolores Fonzi and the powerful performance from the actor is an added advantage to this film. This movie shows the bare truth of how the victims are treated by the society after the incident.

Paulina Movie-ReviewThe movie starts with Paulina arguing with her father about her career. She wants to become a promising lawyer in the rural area of Northeast abandoning her Ph.D. thought her father who is a judge objects the decision in the beginning he agrees to it after noting the seriousness of her daughter. Her decision brings her to the place where she grew up as a child, and she works as a teacher too. One day after completing the work she has a good time with her friend Laura and while returning from the work she is pulled off the road by five youths and is raped. After which the story takes a turn, and each and every character that has played by various actors is praiseworthy.

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Get To Know The Movie The Sea Of Trees

The Sea Of Trees

This is a movie that was screened at Cannes under the competition category. The sea of trees is an emotional movie that is directed by Gus Van Sant. This is a tale of two men one is Japanese, and another is an American, who enter the suicide forest in order to end their lives. Matthew McConaughey’s name will bring more crowds to the theaters due to the top notch performance given by the actor in recent days. So there will be a good business after the theatrical business. The professional life of an American man that stresses him too much could have been presented in a better way. But Christopher Sparling, the screenwriter, has chosen the usual way that is well known to many people.

The Sea Of TreesEven the background score could have been better as it is very obvious. The American heads towards the haunted forests in Japan named as Aokigahara Forest in order to commit suicide. When he reaches the place there are many caution boards about the forest which he ignores and enters the forest where some dead remains like skeleton welcomes him after which he starts to remember the hate conversations with his wife. Takumi Nakamura is the person who is a failure in business meets the American in the forest who has the same motive as another. After a flood, they both abruptly decide to return back to their life and try to escape out from the forest making the trees as their only support for survival.

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